Saturday, January 24, 2009

International Dinner.

Current feeling: I love Italy! Lalalala.

Oh oh I suddenly remembered about the day we were doing group presentation on NGO groups all over the world. My group chose 'Save The Children'. Don't know why, I suddenly thought of 'Pingge Pongge' (the way Italians pronounce 'ping pong')and laughed like mad and had to go to the back of the class LOL.

Ah, just now had dinner with other AFS students. Just like last time, got people from USA, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Italy (of course -_-, host bro was there) and Malaysia! :D

Well we took the train and then walk walk walk. And it snowed! Snow + rain = >_>.

Raining! That's why everyone is holding an umbrella. Ella, ella.


Camera lens kena snow, but everything becomes beautiful!

Kawaii. Snow ok! Not just rain!

Walking on snow is fun, especially when the snow is thick enough to let you listen to 'chomp chomp chomp' sounds.

Host bro's umbrella.

MY umbrella. Wuahaha. I've got more snow, I win!

Well, the rubbish bin wins..

And then after that we walked to the restaurant. Chinese people rock ok! We speak Chinese till kena people say 'Please don't speak Chinese!'.

The people.

More earthlings.

70% of the people.

And then we started to eat the bread first. Suddenly the Chinese boy asked me in Chinese, 'Isn't the bread skin too hard to eat??'. And suddenly we just bursted out in laughter. In Chinese, bread skin is 'mian4 bao1 pi2', while foreskin (yea penis skin -_-) is 'bao1 pi2'. Then the two of them keep on talking about it, like, 'You're eating bao1 pi2, stop it!!', and so on.


Oh oh, and the tai lou (AFS volunteer) is also a host mar, and her 'son' is China boy named Bao Long. The Chinese boys named her as 'Bao Long Ma' LOL. I kept on laughing at what they say also, seriously funny!

And then the tai lou introduced everyone to me, saying Ivan is the 7th boy sitting on this side blah blah. Then the girl on my left started talking to my host bro, saying 'Ivan? Eevan?', you know lah, all sorts of pronounciation, and then I was like telling her how to say my name. And guess what? She thought that my host brother was Ivan. Hmph. Dowan talk to her liao!
And guess what I ordered? Mum and Joshua, you are going to be so jealous.
Seafood Pizza!

It's not the usual seafood pizza like the ones we have in Malaysia ok. You see the bowl, they give it to me for me to throw the Oyster Shells. Yummy!

Not nice arh? Look again!
The oysters burst in your mouth!!!

Looks awful, but it tastes 'awfully nice'.

Shrimpy my pet.

A photo of me a Boa (not sure about the spelling), the girl from Thailand. She's nice! :D
But oops, my eye got discharge -__-.
Not really discharge lar, camera prob.

Ok good.
People even though that she's a Chinese er. And jokingly the Chinese guys were like ''Ask if she's ah gua leh?'' LOL, just joking Boa, don't misunderstand us!

Ah, it feels so good to laugh out loud during our chat there just now. I miss speaking in Chinese! Really! And laugh like siao also.
I miss Malaysia, yet I will miss Italy. :(
Oh, host just said this Sunday we're going to Venice! Happiness is here! :)
And remember to say your 'thank you's when you guys receive angpaus ok, recession causes pain in the asses.
Proverbs 29:20
There is more hope for a fool
than for someone who speaks without thinking.