Monday, January 26, 2009


Currently listening to: Astro Chinese New Year 2009 Song: Qing Zhu The lyrics are great! The song makes me homesick and happy to have a CNY stuff at the same time!
Current feeling: Syokness, but I miss home! (China Town is far..)

Ok first, some updates.

Gosh, you know what email I received today?
...... has added you on Facebook!
Guess who? Host mama LOL. Keat la.

Minyi touched Yumi too. Gah I'm so jealous. Yumi ain't a virgin anymore. Sigh... Cute things are nice if I can be the first to touch them, snap their photos, see them pee/poo, bully them etc etc. But no more. T_T

And if you came to my blog from Heng Yan's, please see Yumi's photos. [Click it!] Hope Yumi will be fine then. >_>

Yesterday host mama said: 'Let us go to Venice.' Ok so today I went to Venice! [Warning: 42 photos await you.] :D Syokness, the erm city of water? It's peaceful, beautiful and of course wonderful! I love Venice! Venice is a big fish, a big fish yeah.

Find Venice.



All set?

All set. First time wearing my Christmas gift - the shirt. Gahaha.

We had lunch at some erm café, and the café had this huge Plasma TV. >_>. Like 1.5x the size of a vanilla manilla card.


We took 2 hours to reach Venice from Trento, therefore it was quite a tiring journey. Tired from sleeping. Oh and host sis' bf very fun la. I was telling him..
''Eh, later the boat sink when you get on it la!'' (with hand gestures).
And then he made the 'I kill you' face. He can make the killer's face. O.O

And then heard 'Can't live' in Italian. Makes me think of 'Ken Lee' straight away.

So this is Venice.

Yeah this is Venice, but not the wonderful part yet ma.

Parked at some carpark which was quite a distance from the actual Venice, so gotta walk, and saw this -_-.

Chewing gum plates all over the fences. Some even got cigarettes weh!

Venice is a love at first sight place. Feel the tranquility babeh.

Feel it!


Down we go.

And walk and walk and walk...

It was time for the carnivals! Venice is known for erm, these?


Phantom of the opera!

Random church.

Black gondola. Iooooo. Got red and blue ones too! Very much nicer than those in Genting Highlands. -__-

Better view.

This is madness:

Nutella that weighs 5kg, and is as big as my head. I WANT! In Malaysia got Nutella, but not more than 1kg. -_-

Mmmm. Dip my hand in!

Leaning tower of Venice. It was really a leaning building. >_>

The clock has 24 sections on it! Specialll.

And walk and walk.

The buildings are so near to each other that host sis said people can jump from window to window LOL.

The clock of erm, horoscopes?

The whole view.

Star Cruise! Nah, another big ship, not Star Cruise.

Some very old building.


Old. Host mama said Coca Cola here costs 18Euro HAHAHA. Really.


A very famous bridge. Torn down to be displayed..


By the way, these seagulls are very nice la. Of all birds I love them the most. I can say that they are what makes Venice beautiful! Fly around here and there flap flap flap.

They always 'rawkkk rawkkk' here and there also. Not like those ugly black birds (pigeons? yea pigeons) hop here and there on the stairs of bridges. Still cute though.

Oh, and funny thing, there was a Chinese tourist eating her dono-what, and she was like so happy, suddenly a seagull flew over her and snatched her bread LOL.

Danieli coffee shop. Famous for coffee.

Gondolas rockkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

And then took a ship (taxi) to another part of Venice. Sipe far ok. Pening kepalo.


Dono. Blurry because of the dirty window of the ship.

See the line of buildings. Venice!!

The buildings here are very colourful.


One of the taxi stations.
And then we had lunch and walk walk.

Read it - The world's most unique and rare gems, and the most exclusive Murano Glass. A mirror here costs 480Euro like that one. Craziness.

Dono still.

Ok so I agree what people say - Venice is the most beautiful place on earth. Super nice. And it's not just for couples to feel romantic and blah blah, it's nice for families too! Walk walk together, eat eat together, feel feel the peace together, it rocks!

Venice opened my eyes and let me know that the world is beautiful! Gahaha, you must come here to see for yourself! The place is super peaceful, beautiful and wonderful.

I love Venice! Must come here again some day.

Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year again. Appreciate the time to be able to be with your family & relatives!

Proverbs 4:23
Guard your heart above all else,
for it determines the course of your life.

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