Sunday, January 18, 2009

Smelly Jeans!

Currently listening to: You're Beautiful by James Blunt.
Current mood: Depressed. Very.

Since the whee post has made a lot of people ask me 'are you ok', I've decided to change that topic's title to 'are you gay?'.

Oh oh yesterday went to the town with host sis and her bf, so we went to see the cars first, 'cause she wanted to get a car. Got Ford, Nissan, Kia, Volva, Rover, Toyota...

And then we went to the mall 'cause I said I wanna get a necktie for my dad. Manatau, famous designer's tie 70euro (X4.7 to get RM), and then the neckties don't have much difference from Malaysia's. If you wanna get something like got snow got Italy 3 colours, they aren't for working people.

And then I saw 2 things.


Woohoo winter crocs. Super cute!


You know those sexy underwear posters? Well apparently this underwear is unisex one, and then the boy is wearing a green one and the girl is wearing a blue one, then the girl ah, stand behind and pinch the boy's nipple -__- and her face makes people think that she's the one who is feeling the pain.

Oh and another thing outside a shop:


And then I told them I wanted to buy souvenirs for my family, classmates, other friends, church friends, church uncle aunties.

Thus we arrived at the chocolate shop.



The chocolate is sweet, but the biscuit is kinda tasteless, so the combination makes it.. Kind of tasteless.

And then you know lah how clumsy I am when it comes to buying stuff especially for others.
Choose here and there, calculating whether I will rugi or earn, times the price by 4.7 and blah blah, also trying to remember the weight of the chocolates Brian bought for his girlfriend.

So at last, I bought 50 euro of Lindt chocoaltes. Very tough decision to make. It weighs 1.1kg, and has about 95 biji. If you wanna see the image, go to and search for ''Lindt truffles''. It's the best chocolate ever, better than Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno and Cadbury and Kit Kat and any chocolate you can think of. It's cute too, wrapped like those Hudsons sweets, but it's round in shape :D

The paper bag has the photo of the shop years and years ago :D


Ok now let me show you the calculation and explain why I am depressed.
50euro X 4.7 = RM235
1.1kg = RM235

The cylinder package Brian bought for Josephine weighs 400g and costs RM70.
400g = RM 70
100g = RM 17.5
1.1kg = RM 192.5

Rugi RM 42.5 LOL.

I dono la, I already had a hard time deciding 'cause I didn't wanna be such an ass to ask people to bring me to somewhere and then end up not buying. Sorry dad and mum >_>.

And then when we went out I was super careful on taking care of my chocolates. Kena people snatch I can die ok, RM235 gone.

Manatau got people protest in the town square. Zzz.

Reduce chocolate prices!!!


And then went home 'cause sis wanted to change for performance, and then went to her bf [Michael's] house.

I very funny lor, you know that type of keyboard can fold at the bottom one? (Sorry can't find an image) I hand itchy go touch and then suddenly 'Khrak...' LOL die. Lalu apologise like mad. Luckily he wasn't mad. >_>

If you make mistakes, be brave to admit it! Yeahhh.

Anyway he's very awesome lo, sendiri combine all the CPU parts and make it himself.

The funnier thing is: Host mum and Michael's mum have the same name- Cristina. Very cool ok.
''Hey mum, I'm gonna go to his house to see Cristina.''
''Er.. I'm here?''

And so we went to the place they had to perform. Very siao lo, kept on introducing me and stuff like that.
And then Michael always siao siao one ma, play around and do funny stuff, suddenly he broke the chair. -_-

Ya you know this kind of chair?

The whole thing collasped. LOL.

No more.

And the performance was great! 2 hours ok, amazingly I didn't fall asleep. The lights are cool.





And then things started to get exciting. They perform certain songs while that video is played.
Chicken run!

Err umbrella?? 'The Incredibles' I guess.

YMCA!! Super nice.

And also songs like Hands Up, Is This The Way To Amarillo, Let the rivers of babylon blah blah.

Oh before I forget, remember my jeans? I didn't get it washed mar. Yesterday kena ady when we went home to wait for sis to change. I'm proud ok, my jeans wasn't washed for 37 days. Trenta sette (37) days! So prouddddd. Wuahaha.
Thus today's laundry from me:

Oh oh and more photos of Yumi!

She's learning to climb the stairs..

You've got a sexy back!


Sniff sniff..




>_> What is she doing? Don't hiao with stone please.

Hehehe. I'm sexy!
Since chocolates made me depressed, I shall eat them all today. Goodbye 95 pieces of Lindt chocolates!
Proverbs 28:24
Anyone who steals from his father and mother and says,
''What's wrong with that?''
is no better than a murderer.


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