Monday, January 19, 2009

Giving away your seat in the bus.

Currently still addicted to: Hit Me Baby One More Time. Singing with classmates too! LOL.
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Very cool can!? Although the 'I love you' is kinda unnecessary, Lao Zha Bor you rock!!! I don't care if she just came to promote her blog, she still rocks!! You guys can visit her blog here.

Last night was so syok. I wished that I can have pizza like the first day I arrived.
After few minutes when I went to refill my bottle with water, they told me they're buying pizza.
One person eat one huge one! Yeahhh.

Ham + Mushroom = Perfect!

Anyway the reason people here can ''solo the whole pizza'' is 'cause the pizza crust is thin, unlike Malaysian pizzas, the crust must be made as thick as possible so that people will feel full, and Pizza Hut can earn more.

Very syok too today in school. Kept on talking, and then they had a 'class assembly'. Once a month the students in each class have to discuss serious stuff among themselves without the teachers, and they will send a letter to the headmaster on what they discussed.

Very nice la. Not like our school, every morning stand there and nobody listen except the prefects, but the prefects can't concentrate 'cause they have to 'shhh shhh shhh'.

And tomorrow I'm gonna sit with the super bomber in class, no not me, a girl, Martina at the back. Very fun ok, I don't need to act like I'm concentrating and I can sing talk shout.

Also last year I heard that 3Randa students' fingernails were cut like this by Teacher Chang Yu Pin.
They said it's so horrible that you would cut if off once u reach home. Not bad, save the teacher's time also. But kinda like horse hoof >_>.

And then since fashion is everywhere, I tried to do this:
Very rox eh spiky style. Sharp till can scratch your itchy parts of your body. If it's longer it would be nicer!
I cut properly already, don't worry.

Also someone is unhappy 'cause the vote is now Yumi 8-Fiona 0.
Who cares? I Sleep and sleep and sleep all day long.

Ok so I start with my post title now.
This is based on a true story.

It's not about forgetting my wallet and the smart card anymore.
So I was standing beside an aunty who was sitting. Then she went out of the bus.
So I mar sit down lor, manatau that uncle in front of me (not driver) kept on babbling in Italian and I saw another old man beside me acting pity. Gosh, I chiong places with old people?

No, I stood the nearest, and I was practically blind to not notice that old man there. Really lar, before sitting I didn't see him standing there. Become so paiseh you know, like everyone on the bus is looking at that uncle babbling and you don't even know what is he talking about, but of course he's saying that I should give my seat to that old man.

So after a while I just stood up and smiled and let that old man sit. And then I just act like dono lar, paiseh ok. Then I saw that old man cross his legs like his that kinda 1st class old man. But hey, how many old people who are weak can cross their legs? Not my grandpa nor my grandma. Some more he doesn't seem so weak to me.

The thing is, why can't that stupid uncle just tell me when I wanted to sit down instead of asking me to give my seat when I already sat down? Like that mar same as randomly pick some cute people and ask them to stand up and let some not-so-weak old man sit!?
I was already blind enough to not notice an old man standing there acting weak ok, maybe I'm deaf and stupid also, that uncle shouldn't have talked to me liao lar!?

Argh angry angry. *Finding people to blame*. Some more you know ah some old people super debe, like they cut queue when they see cute children don't know how to queue. Very irritating right!?

Angry!! Made me so paiseh. But it was my fault la, but not 100% my fault what. I gave my seat after that so I'm good, I smiled so I'm nice, I didn't look at the old man angrily so I'm kind. Some more that uncle la stupid, didn't tell me when I was gonna sit down. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH.
But still my fault, but I'm glad I gave him the seat. Sorry for not noticing you at first, uncle >_>.
Like this, I think I really got 'old women' detector, but never even notice old men. LOL.

Note: What I type doesn't necessarily reflect my thoughts, especially words that are used to scold old people.

Woohoo! Ivan did a good deed~ (Sung to the tune of 'ne ne ne bu bu').

Proverbs 3:21-22
My child, don't lose sight of common sense and discernment.
Hang on to them, for they will refresh your soul.
They are like jewels on a necklace.

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