Tuesday, January 6, 2009


UPDATE: Yi Hui ain't going back to Malaysia yet. :)

Yesterday's photos first.

Wonder what is this?

OMG DUREX? Yeah, vending machine for condoms. Very advanced hor?

I look like an eyeless monster. Hollow eyes.
Most leng one I've ever seen here, but she was the one who ... toilet and ... stuff that night. LOL.
Drank quite a lot I guess, and they said I looked drunk. NO!! maybe 70% drunk, was feeling soft in my legs like that. Now more dizzy than last night lor.

Ok, so today I was supposed to meet my tutor. Tutor who teaches Italian and stuff. Met a lot of people who are in Italy for a year, like people from Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Mexico, Phillipines and so on. Got to know them very fast, and syok! 4 Chinese out of 7 people, the other 3 are from Mexico, Philippines and Thailand! They said I'm f...ing [They said, not me!] lucky to attend the 'Rosmini' School, 'cause they have to study on Saturdays also wuahhahaha, and there's a lot of girls in Rosmini. Mmmm.
Today's lesson was to visit the museum leh. Sipe syok. This is the royal castle built 1300-1500 years ago. Now it's a museum, and you have to pay quite an amount, but fortunately we didn't have to.

There were a lot of things, until we reached the place where we aren't supposed to take photos. I was like, WHAT!? I'm a Malaysian wey. That's like the worst news, ever. So cannot take lor, even got debe-faced women walking around and checking on us. Sien. Even got one came to say 'blah blah blah photo' in Italian, while my friend just took out his handphone to get my e-mail address. LOL. Really wanna smack her la, especially with the faces she made -_-.

View of the old castle (built 1500 years ago) from the new castle (1300 years ago).

The new castle [museum] was AWESOME! Got everything about astronomy, mathematics, geography, ancient science and blah. A lot of naked babies on the ceilings also! But no cameras are allowed. No phone cameras, too. So pathetic. Made me feel so sorry to my dad who said ''Hungry for your photos!!''. Well, too bad I can't take photos.

And then we went into a room where the original painting was er.. painted. It's called the circle of the months. The Medieval painter painted everything in all the 11 months, yeah 11, 'cause one month was burnt or whatever or covered by the spiral staircase, nobody knows. The paintings are really detailed and we had a walkman to listen to, that explains everything we see according to months, from Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter. Very the kawaii one. And then got the 'room of mirrors' which is in the period of Caesar and 'Hawk tower' and many more. Very nice.

Lately, my classmate who came to Italy for the student exchange program went home. Heard it was 'cause she misses home too much, and the host not good or what. Not really sure, but I think it's wasting lor. [Yi Hui, I'm not criticising you k, you have your own choice.] But well, she can do whatever she wants, it's her money. UPDATE: She's not going back to Malaysia yet. :)

Then balu listen another story here. Some Italian girl went to Thailand, but the moment she landed in Thailand, she decided to go back to her country. How cool is that!? She didn't even get out of the airport la. At least go to host home and be an ass and eat their everything ma. So wasting!!

Some more got one got forced by her parents to go to USA. She reached the host's house and told them ''K now you can send me back.'' Sipe cute la.

It makes me wonder. Are these months [January & February] being in Italy worth it or not? Should I fly home? I have SPM this year and I need to study. But well, I still believe the experience here is more than what I lose in school for a month. :)

P/s: To my family and all my friends in church and school: I miss you all very much! Can prepare a party for me when I go back right? Wuahahahaa. Nah, just joking.

Spiral staircase in a shop.

Seeing Irin's idea of entering a scripture every Sunday gave me an idea. I wanna put a proverb at the bottom of my posts. Yes, all posts! That way, I can also remind myself and put those scriptures to use mah.

Ok anyway, life here is getting better each day. Food rocks, the people rocks, and most of all, I discover myself more as I'm being alone here without my family and friends.

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron,
so a friend sharpens a friend.

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