Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are you gay?

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2day veli happi lor. Today is a happy day! Oh happy day~ Happy dayyy~ 'Cause we had 'gym' class and we played volleyball. Syokness.
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Anyway, today super siao lo. Start to get along with classmates already. Can scream and shout LOL. [Nevermind la, have fun!] And then the gym class is in the afternoon, so I followed some of my classmates for lunch. Sipe siao lo. Suddenly Luc, the blonde asked me ''Ivan, you ok?'' ''Er, yeah!'' And then she was like so shocked and ''You serious!?'' ''What? What did you ask?'' [Knowing my hearing abilities memang cacat abit, I asked.] ''I asked are you gay?'' ''OMG LOL. Next time please ask me clearly T_T''.

And then I noticed something when she bought pepsi.

Super cool can!? So hygienic! Won't get dirty germs unlike our canteen, got rats and cockroaches build 'nest' there, some more got rubber band found in Nasi Lemak and stuff. (Florence said before.)

And today's volleyball game super cool ok. I'm very noob la 'cause seldom play, but today hit and hit back near the net, finally I just hit kuat kuat, and then the volleyball 'chop' into the basketball goal. OMG LOL. Super cool ehhh. 'Cause we played in the indoor basketball court. Everyone started to 'Woo!!' Clap clap clap. Ahh, syok. Really syok with them, can simply shout in the indoor basketball court liao de. And then keep on joking around. Homesick 100% gone. LOL.

Also I noticed that I didn't get my jeans washed for 4 weeks already. Yes yes, must last for 2 months!

And then today dad showed me the puppy Joshua got from his friend through email. I mean dad sent the pics to me by email, not Joshua got the puppy from email.

Legs 100% like Jocky's ok! Brown and then white. Looks like it wears socks. 100% same!

Whee flappy ears. Not like Jocky's, sharp sharp one, ugly. LOL joking. Jocky I still love euu.

So cute right!? Even cuter than me, how can. The point is, I've never seen a puppy that I like so much, and I've always wanted dogs that stay inhouse. Dad still wondering whether to keep it or give back, 'cause he doesn't want us to neglect Jocky.

Aaaaaaaa. Keep it please!

Got the ''I will stay small size 4eva'' face noh.

Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Must keep nuh, don't give back. It's a gift from above. LOL. Too bad I can't make the dog like me the most, 'cause never see me for 2 months. Sien. Joshua please don't gertik the dog nah, if not, when he's big he see the gertik symbol he bite people already. I promise I'll bathe him once a week, not like Jocky once a year [true] and I'll feed him with good dog food, I'll give him lots of love and take good care of it! Whee.

Anyway just now I came home by myself. Came out of the bus and then host brother had to go to attend his Driving Lessons. Walk walk walk, walk till home, the key I dono how to use -_-. I mean, really la, i turn turn turn, turn like 360X10 degrees then stop, then can't open the door also. I panicked. Was imagining like I have to sit outside from 5.10pm to 7pm!!? Or something scary comes to smack me. And then I ding-dong neighbour and point here point there, the guy didn't even use 5 seconds to unlock the door. -______-. Sien.

Dogs are better than cats! Yay, I wanna change my vote to dogs already. Fiona go die mek mek mek your head. LOL just joking.

Newest updates on Fiona:
She had an accident before years ago, and her right leg got metal inside to help her with her walking lor. Today her wound accidentally opened.. :( Poor cat.
She's still cute anyway. This morning at 7am, ran into host parents' room and crawl into their blanket. One bump up at the feet there LOL.

Proverbs 13:11
Wealth from get-rick-quick schemes quickly disappears;
wealth from hard work grows over time.


minmay said...

i faced the same problem with u, ivan!!
i coulnt open the door when my host gave me the key.
i turn n turn n turn, but im still failed 2 open it. paise.
haha.. anyway, enjoy the door =)

iVan Chong said...

hahahaha, very very panic noh. scaryyyy.
luckily got neighbour >_>