Thursday, January 22, 2009


Current mood: Super happy!
Syokness is when yesterday you told your host parents that your classmates introduced you a brand of chocolate made in Italy, and today they buy it for you to taste it. HAHA.

And also Ritter Sport!

I was told by my classmates that these chocolates are nice and cheap, much cheaper than those Lindt chocolates. Now let me do some calculations again LOL.

1euro is about Rm4.65 now. Let's just count it as RM5 ok? For easy calculation.
So Lindt costed me 50euro for 100 pieces.
Now this Gianduiotti costs 2euro for 21 pieces, let's just say that it's 20 pieces, for easier calculation.

50 euro for 100 pieces.
RM 250 for 100 pieces.

2 euro for 20 pieces.
10 euro for 100 pieces.
RM50 for 100 pieces.

THE DIFFERENCE IS Gianduiotti X5 = Lindt. OMG.

I for one sane human who loves chocolates would rather buy 500 pieces of chocolates for RM250 than getting some quality chocolates ok. And it contains hazelnut, super nice, easy to shut those pesky friends' mouth who always ask for souvenirs, presents, chocolates etc etc. LOL, just joking.

I wanna buy 500 pieces of Gianduiotti chocolates!! But how do I bring them back to Malaysia, I wonder. But let's not worry about that, let's celebrate the fact that I have no more worries of thinking what to buy for my friends. Whee!

It just makes me feel so syok to eat chocolates which are edible, edible in the sense that you won't feel the pain of popping a piece of Lindt chocolate into your mouth which costs Rm2.50 per piece.

Oh and today host cooked Curry! 'Cause I brought them several packets of A1 Curry packets for them to cook & taste curry.


Imagine chicken chop with curry sauce. NICE!

So far, 6 pieces of Gianduiotti chocolates are being digested inside of me.
I am happy! God is good. God is SO good.

Oh and did you see Min Yi's newest posts? She spent Rm940+ using handphone. Craziness!

Also, I learnt how to say 'Teacher, may I go to the toilet please?' today. It's 'Prof, poso andare al bagno?' Before this I used to say 'bagno' (toilet) and I'm allowed to go out. Very rude though.
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Proverbs 2:12
Wisdom will save you from evil people,
from those whose words are twisted.

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