Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chilli Chocolates?

Currently listening to: In Christ Alone. (All the versions available!)
Current feeling: Story books about old times make me hate war!! Why should the children suffer!? Women suffer can already la! LOL joking.

Ah, Fiona is mad lar. She loves to come into my room and meow meow meow, wanting me to carry her up and let her run about on the computer table. And today I found out one thing she likes - rulers!

She hits and bites!

And she loves to discover new things too >_>.




Gosh, I thought she would be waiting at the door to run out, manatau she was enjoying herself inside the cupboard -_-.

Read 5 books today:

Nothing but the Truth is about a Chinese girl who studies in an International school in Bangkok, Thailand. And then she has this perverted teacher (male, of course) who purposely gives her low marks and ask her to attend his stupid yet 500 Baht per class Extra Lessons. And then she realises that to solve her problems she just has to tell the truth, instead of lying.

Other books are written by the same author and all of them are murder mysteries. Nice!! Especially when it is like the more you read, the more you discover a new secret from that mystery, and then you just wanna read through the whole book to find out who the killer is.

And a thick book here:

Oh it's gorgeous. Superb! Well, this book talks about a boy named David (duh!) who is in the concentration camp [the place where they keep the imprisoned or whatever they are called, during the World War 2 like that] since he was 1 year old. But he's the well-treated in the prison, he's given milk and vitamins. One day a man tells him to escape from the prison and blah blah. So he went out of that place and decided to go to Germany to find his mother.

Well a lot of things happened, and somehow he managed to live by working, working as in carrying tourists' bags in the train stations and stuff like that. He rescued a girl from being burnt to death and stayed in that family's house and got to know what beautiful is.

On his hard journey, he learnt to pray to God, in which he knew about from an uncle in prison he was with last time. 'God of the green pastures and still waters' is what he calls God.

And lastly he got a dog (a sheep-dog which ran away from its owner) which he stayed in a stable with the dog. Then he walked with the dog and fount out that he's just near the prison he was in last last time -__-. Then the dog sacrificed itself and distracted the 3 men who wanted to catch David and he managed to escape. Then lastly he got a lift to lots of places and finally reached Germany, and met his mother.

p/s: 20% chance next book might be Twilight XD. Or at least one of these days before I get back to Malaysia and suffer homework illness. May I fall sick because of homework. Choi! chochiochiohcoihcohoichohcohcocichoi. LOL just joking. Zzzzz.

I Am David ( has the following awards:
-Crystal Heart Award
-Heartland Film Festival
-Lewis Carroll Shelf Award
-American Library Association Notable Book
-Best Scandinavian Children's's Book
-Boys Club of America Junior Book Award Gold Medal

Oh oh, today didn't know that Gym Class was Ice-skating again, so I decided I don't wanna go, since only 1/3 (6 people) of the class wanted to go. So my classmate invited me to go to her house and wait till my host brother's afternoon class to end then I would leave.

They have this CO2 machine that makes your mineral water 'gased'. Just push that special bottle (filled with water) into that machine and 'brrrrrrr' and then you get carbonated water. And then you add one of these:

And the drink is made! They have Cola Juice, which is quite uncommon in Malaysia >_>.

And they have Chilli Chocolates!!


Well, it's not that spicy, but it sets your throat on fire tickles your throat a little when you swallow the chocolate. Nothing special.

Ah a fine day. Joshua said I take up reading just because I have nothing better to do, and said that when I'm back in KB, I would play DotA when I'm free. Yes true, but there are intervals where we wait like crazy for friends to join in right, so can read! :D

About 2 weeks to home in Malaysia. I will be so reluctant to leave Italy. Who wouldn't miss a life where you go to school to read story books and talk and eat, come home and play the computer for the whole day? But well this isn't life at all >_>. Life without responsibilities just doesn't seem right for me. Oh well.

In Christ Alone
In Christ alone will I glory
Though I could pride myself in battles won
For I’ve been blessed beyond measure
And by His strength alone I’ll overcome
Oh, I could stop and count successes like diamonds in my hands
But those trophies could not equal to the grace by which I stand

In Christ alone
I place my trust
And find my glory in the power of the cross
In every victory
Let it be said of me
My source of strength
My source of hope
Is Christ alone

In Christ alone do I glory
For only by His grace I am redeemed
For only His tender mercy
Could reach beyond my weakness to my need
And now I seek no greater honor in just to know Him more
And to count my gains but losses to the glory of my Lord

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