Monday, January 12, 2009

To Grandmother, with Love.

Red hair one is most leng one!! The blonde is Luciana Hilton (she names herself like that!) Got another pic the red hair girl hold my waist wei. WOO!

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Just now saw an old woman on the bus, pointing at a girls bag telling a girl to move her bag away so that she can put her flower pot. I was really worried about her, worried that she might fall down or the flower pot might break, but I saw the girls laughing at her -__-.

And then she wanted to pass her card to be clipped by the machine, but hers is used, FYI (for your information), a paper card can be used once only, but you can hold it as your pass for 2 hours. So the old woman didn't know, and she tried to put her card in, I was trying to tell her 'cannot already', but she doesn't understand English leh, plus the machine is kinda sot liao, cannot work. So I just told her 'cannot, no no'. Kelian larh, old woman travelling alone.
I got passion for old woman? LOL.

Well, since young I've been very close to my grandmother.

That's her hand, not mine. She's cute hor.

The reason I have such a special relationship is 'cause both of us are cute. is because my parents work mar (duh!) and my grandmother was the person who took care of me when my parents aren't around. She's a very nice grandmother, the best grandmother!!! (Everyone claims their grandmother is the best right..)

Well she took good care of me I must say, without her, I might not have my good values now. (really lahh) She's always there for me, walking me to my aunt's place to attend tuition and stuff like that. I used to share a room with her and my sister, and when I'm not able to sleep, I'll always hold her hand tightly.

I love her so much that she's the one I love the most. Now I love my family a lot also, each with a different kind of love, not different portion. I used to talk to her a lot, about my problems and stuff, 'cause my parents aren't at home, and when I was in Primary School, mummy always come back late and by that time I'm asleep liao de.

Funny relationship we had. At least cute for me.

1. I remember there was a time where I was back from tuition. Then I suddenly just confessed to her saying that I copied my friend's work, and I was like feeling so sorry to make popo disappointed. As though she can forgive my sins lor. Well, it's just that I wanted to share everything with her and say sorry to her.

2. I used to cry if she doesn't wave me goodbye. She brings me to my aunt's house to attend tuition class, where my aunt will drive to her tuition center. Then she will walk home mar, but got one time she didn't look back and wave goodbye to me. I seriously cried. LOL. ''Why never byebye to me!?'' And I even mecoked her.

3. Once, I wanted to go out to play with my friends, I was like, standard 4, and wanted to go out to play with Jia Li, Kien Ting, Siok Ying and Cheng Hao so desperately, but popo refused to let me go out, 'cause it was already 6pm+, dinner soon. Manacai I kept on ngepek-ing and then finally she let me out. I cycled so fast while shouting at my friends who were ahead until I fell down and cried -_-. Then only I was like ''Aiyo, shouldn't have came out.''

I can't understand why some people are not close to their family at all. They spend all their time with friends and that's all. Well I know you love your parents, but siblings are great also what. Can bully them / get bullied, play together around, but one thing I know is that only Ivan gets to be sayanged by Joshua using his feet. Hmph!

One thing I realise is that grandparents enjoy a special bond with grandchildren. Really what, takkan they go sayang their children right? Children's children more fun can? Also, being close to my grandma didn't cause me to not be close to my parents and siblings. We're all happy!

Well now she's staying in Ipoh with my grandpa. She has to take care of him anyway. I miss her! Gonna go visit her more often, which means I wanna go visit her by myself? With Vivien and/or Joshua? Whee! It would be fun and nice, right? Oldies should be appreciated for what they have done before, not neglected and rejected. They deserve love just as children do.

Miss you lots and love you lots, popo. :)

Proverbs 20:3
Avoiding a fight is a mark of honour,
only fools insist on quarreling.


minmay said...

ivan, u didnt bath in italy ya?
hahaha, yr hair looks like a little bit o-i-l leh. hahahaha.. busuk nu~~

iVan Chong said...

got bathe la -___-. LOL.
if no bathe i sure say one. btw, got oily meh T_T

sheanyong said...

haha,i agreed with what you said...
quite a long time didn't see 3 of my grandparents too...haha...don't be suprise la,motherside and fatherside ma~

iVan Chong said...

aww, ya. love them so mucH!!