Sunday, January 11, 2009

Of the Cat and the Box.

Guess what's inside the box?

Lately Fiona more and more kawaii le..

''Befana, what big eyes you have!''
''All the better to see with, master.''
''Befana, what big ears you have!''
''All the better to hear with, master.''
''Befana, what big teeth you have!''
''All the better to eat you food, master.''

''Befana, what small hands you have!''
''All the better for cute paws, master.''

Taken and edited from the script of ''Little Red Riding Hood.''

Bites the tree branches.

Sorry for the caplang video the post before, it was at night and yeah, kinda dark. Too dark to watch nicely. So I've got another one already.

She seriously loves boxes leh. I carry her out of the box she lalu jump in again.

dun euu dare t0uch me imma angry cat!


And it's really fun to see her trying to get the pencil even though she can't grab it.

If you're not careful, you might end up with a bleeding finger.

Not mine la dad mom, don't worry. 'Cause if it's mine, I'll take loads of pics, and even videos, and squeeze my finger.



Greece sauceeee.

NOW I understand how good it feels to post a lot of the same photos. I mean, really la. You go see some people's Friendster / Facebook profiles. All the photos are literally the same with the same pose and they aren't bored of it. And they are NEVER paiseh ok.

Now I know how it feels like to snap the same photos of the same person and never get bored.
At least Fiona is cute okay, not to mention there might be maybe 20% photos of Fiona out of my photos.

Lunch was great, had spinach balls and salad.
The spinach balls are made of eggs, spinach (duh!) and meat. Kinda tasteless, so must add even more meat, which we did.

And the salad was the BEST-SALAD-I'VE-EVER-HAD.

Green vege + salt + pepper + olive oil + Greece sauce + meat and voila!
And we went to the local erm.. Clubhouse? Built by Christians for the youth to have fun.

The ping pong bats sucked. Sucked big time. Even though it had a layer of rubber, tap it with your fingers and you hear wood. Well, what to do? Just play lah. And then played those two stuff in the photo: American Football? and the game where you flip flap like mad to make the ball go to the opposite side.
I was so bad in these two games that host dad just 'Come Pingge Pongge'.
I also laughed badly when I hear him say 'Pingge Pongge.' Yes, ping ge pong ge. LOL.
Yeah, Italians pronounce it this way. For example, 'bread' is pronounced as 'bread-dè'. Very amusing! Can expect me to speak that way already when I go home. Be prepared, fellow earthlings!
''I hadde a lotte of funne todayye.''
Proverbs 3:29
Don't plot harm against your neighbour,
for those who live nearby trust you.

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