Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Defender of the Righteous.

This was something on my facebook profile.

Ivan Chong When I was 8, I used to think that 'game over' meant 'u lose'. And every time I finish a game and it writes 'game over', I wondered what was wrong -_-.

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Carynn Ng
haha ....
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Rush Sykes
Games Over means you finished. Gosh though iunno who are you but this is the real explanation.
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Rush Sykes
Might i add, it is you finished it or it finished you. Gosh.
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Ivan Chong
You don't have to explain -_- I already knew it after my bro explained to me last time ...........
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Rush Sykes
If so, you shouldnt issue a statement upon this inquries I suppose. Naturally I just ignored as you are stranger, but Ima trying to be friendly for the first time, and you show me this "-.-" . You won't able to definine it I suppose.Ironic.
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Ivan Chong
...... I wrote ''when i was 8'' ok. why are u so funny? and i'm not being unfriendly.
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Rush Sykes
You wrote you wondered means you have inquiries. how pathetic can you be? Whose idea of joke I wonder. SWt, -.- and zzz. What are these, you can never tell it neither. Or perhaps this is some kind of nuinsance? Once again it is like ironic to me. Damn.
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CHuan PAng Alarms
he had inquiries, but not now
Thu at 4:22pm · Delete

Rush Sykes
If so he shouldnt started with the word "I wondered". I set facebook up just to help people of sort. Not looking at jibberish on my webpage.
Thu at 4:24pm · Delete

Ivan Chong
LUOL. yeah I WONDERED. When I was 8.
Thu at 4:34pm · Delete

Rush Sykes
Tell it when you are 8. Not write it here. Besides you havent tell what is -.-. CornHole?
Thu at 4:41pm · Delete

Ivan Chong
It's my profile so I can write whatever I want, and you're free to comment too, but don't give nonsense. When I was 8 I couldn't write a sentence. And mind you, you didn't understand the last part of my post? I was wondering what 'game over' actually meant la OMG.
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Rush Sykes
I don't really give nonsense. It is you don't respect me at the first place. Do you know what is ''-.-''? Kinda issy you know. As if im a cornhole.
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Eunice Tan Lay Chin
come on... forget bout the matter and cool down k? by the way, this" -.- " is ivan's facial expression, he just like to show people that expression all the time... no other meaning or any nuisance... =)
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Rush Sykes
-.- is cornhole. Fine, I have no itention no futher arguement regardless. It is not something i care it everyday.
Thu at 4:54pm · Delete

Ivan Chong
No it is not.
Thu at 4:56pm · Delete

Eunice Tan Lay Chin
if it's not, dun even start st the first place... accept people's explanation and that's it... ~peace~ =)
Thu at 5:00pm · Delete

Ivan Chong
Oh and I typed -_- not -.-
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Eunice Tan Lay Chin
addition, this statement is not an enquiry. it's just a statement you made for what you have in mind. if it's an enquiry, doesn't it suppose to have "?" or "can someone tell me" or any thing like that?
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Rush Sykes
Indeed not an enquiry. It is inquiries Beside cornhole is not equal to LOL don't make fun of that as it is not funny.
Yesterday at 12:13am · Delete

Ivan Chong
Nobody said that CORNHOLE = LOL ok.
Yesterday at 12:16am · Delete

Rush Sykes
You accept it means you say yes.
Yesterday at 12:19am · Delete

Yesterday at 12:23am · Delete

Rush Sykes
Resolve? pathetic.
Yesterday at 12:25am · Delete

Eunice Tan Lay Chin
i seriously do not like the way you talk. by the way, enquiry=inquiry. check out in dictionary. moreover, and i quote:"I set facebook up just to help people of sort. Not looking at jibberish on my webpage", if you dun like this, delete ivan from your contact list. save you a lot of trouble. help those want then... i'm sorry for being so straight forward. =)
Yesterday at 1:03am · Delete

Ivan Chong
Hmm. Even though I added you in the first place, you accepted my friend request means you said yes. To whatever I'm lazy to explain.
Yesterday at 1:08am · Delete

Ivan Chong
And I didn't resolve. It was ignorance to plain 'jibberish'.
Yesterday at 1:10am · Delete

Rush Sykes
Do you think when you talk. Cant make any sense at all.
Yesterday at 1:14am · Delete

Ivan Chong
Do you think when you read? Don't think so.
Yesterday at 1:15am · Delete

Rush Sykes
Eunice. Whatever. Consider you have a better english standard. I dont even know who the h*ll is this dude. Whalala. Not even introduce himself. Well both are rich people somehow. Amusing, use money throw into people face more likely.
Yesterday at 1:17am · Delete

Ivan Chong
At least we people are humble and do not think that others have low English standard. Why should I introduce? I didn't manage to do it 'cause I only realised how scary some people were. You want facebook money to throw at people's face eh?
Yesterday at 1:19am · Delete

Rush Sykes
Well said. Dr Chong son. Cant even think how a son of a doctor to say such insolent word. I write based on what i think. Besides i said she has the higher english level. Not low? Are you really a doctor son? Pathetic and interacial english which make it even worse.Well said honestly. Yet ironic.
Yesterday at 1:24am · Delete

Rush Sykes
What with the throwing facebook money of sort. Way out of the logic. I eager to hear more from you. Doctor's son. Fascinating.
Yesterday at 1:26am · Delete

Ivan Chong
No thanks, I don't ever want to speak to you. So what if I'm a doctor's son? Who knows what you're thinking, suddenly talking about money. Yea if I use pathetic English, I can't find a word to describe yours.
Yesterday at 1:28am · Delete

Eunice Tan Lay Chin
i'm sorry if i irritate u in any way... thought u said that he didn't mind to intro himself to u, but how come it seems that u know him quite well... =) anyway, i dun think it's a real big deal for not introducing oneself to others at times... just dun take it to heart... may be the other side can take the initiative... i'm not some rich ppl who throws money...where does your judgment comes from? your thinking? may be you should come to know others before judging...
Yesterday at 1:36am · Delete

Ivan Chong
Damn right, and I never acted arrogant, but I just don't understand how I made someone think like that. Hmmmm.
Yesterday at 1:40am · Delete

Brian Chong
Hey. Do all of us a favour and stop posting rubbish in the walls of strangers. And can you please stop commenting about my brother's English on the INTERNET when you make spelling mistakes yourself. For example, take this post that you made:

'-.- is cornhole. Fine, I have no itention no futher arguement regardless. It is not something i care it everyday.'

I refuse to comment on this broken sentence until you show some proper sense of grammar.... Read More

And one more thing, I am a proper Chinese-ed person, yet I guarantee you that I speak and write better English than you.
Yesterday at 2:16pm · Delete

Brian Chong
Hey and also what's with the nonstop use of 'Ima'? Do you think you're Kanye West or something? The difference between you and him is that he actually became famous before spouting retarded things on Facebook.
Yesterday at 2:18pm · Delete

Brian Chong
If English is your first language, please do the world a favour and become Chinese or something so you at least have an excuse.
Yesterday at 2:20pm · Delete

Brian Chong
The first step to helping people is to delete your Facebook account so I don't have to read trash on my homepage.
Yesterday at 2:28pm · Delete

Brian Chong
Also, can you stop involving parents in your petty arguments? Did your PARENTS not teach you basic manners?
Yesterday at 2:32pm · Delete

Brian Chong
Well said. Dr Chong son. Cant even think how a son of a doctor to say such insolent word. I write based on what i think. Besides i said she has the higher english level. Not low? Are you really a doctor son? Pathetic and interacial english which make it even worse.Well said honestly. Yet ironic.

I'll give you a lesson in English for free. You'll have to go to school for the rest. The above paragraph should be rephrased as follows:

'Well said, Dr. Chong's son. Can't even imagine how a doctor's son could say such insolent words. I write based on what I think. Besides I said she has the higher English level. Are you really a doctor's son? Pathetic and interracial English which makes it even worse. Well said honestly. Yet ironic.'... Read More

Remember kids, stay in school.
Yesterday at 2:39pm · Delete

Brian Chong
If this is your way of being friendly, I can imagine how many friends you have in real life. You're like that retarded kid in primary school running around butting into people's business in an effort to 'be friendly' which of course results in him not having any friends, the difference is that you're not actually retarded which is even sadder.
Yesterday at 2:57pm · Delete

Brian Chong
Or are you?
Yesterday at 2:57pm · Delete

Brian Chong
Wow I need a cup of tea.
Yesterday at 2:59pm · Delete

Brian Chong
Back from tea. Continuing my rant at you, are you so insecure of the way you look that you have to hide behind some stupid picture rather than use an actual photo? I don't even dare to look into the mirror in the morning and I have more confidence than you. Are you naturally hideous, or is your face squished because you've rubbed too many people ... Read Morethe wrong way?

Seriously, reading over your stupid posts again just makes me rage even more, not only at you, but at the state of the education system in our country. Can. You. Please. Learn. Proper. English. Before. Attempting. To. Correct. Other. People?
Yesterday at 3:12pm · Delete

Brian Chong
I would've stopped flaming you after a few posts but I realised there should be no forgiveness for someone who actually involves parents in a stupid argument. Seriously, are you retarded? You would have seen by now that I can make proper arguments without insulting your parentage, ancestry or whatever, barring one ironic jab at the fact that you ... Read Morenever learned manners (that's the real meaning of irony go and look it up please using big words wrongly does not impress anyone not even girls yes I've tried).

I don't understand where you people learn such stupid techniques of debate, do you not learn proper methods in private school or wherever it is you go (considering your non-stop chest-pounding about your abysmal standard of English I'd wager you do)?

Stop posting stupid things and learn to shut up. I'm not even in Malaysia at the moment and you irritate me like a flea in my underwear.
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Yesterday at 3:30pm · Delete

Ivan Chong
And I'm going to be a doctor's brother.
Yesterday at 10:37pm · Delete

WenChuan Chung
hahahaha brian in the house
Yesterday at 11:17pm · Delete

Toh Boon Siew
Thumbs up Brian,Ivan and Eunice!! XD
Yesterday at 11:19pm · Delete

Eunice Tan Lay Chin
thx brian! =)
18 hours ago · Delete

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