Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPM Results!

O yay. SPM results were released today! And well.. I got 8A+, A(Biology) and B+(Chinese).. Well, what do I have to say? Really thank God, my family, and my awesome friends who guided me through the years.. Without them, I couldn't have achieved anything! Right? Actually I'm not really THAT good in my studies especially when  Brian Chong comes into mind. But oh well, I do my best, and leave the rest to God, yeah?

Mm. If you ask me if I'm satisfied, yes I am! You see, for Taylor's Tan Sri Loy Hean Heong merit scholarships..
9A/A --> RM5000
10A/A+ --> RM7000
10A/A+/A- --> RM1000

So gosh, if I were to get A- for my Chinese, I would actually lose RM4000! Isn't this wonderful?! Thank God for His awesome plans, and yup, His ways aren't necessarily our ways..

And oh, congratulations to many many people out there who scored BIG, both my current classmates and ex-classmates yea :) You guys did awesome, keep it up, but remember, it doesn't stop at SPM. Our lives have more to encounter, so prepare yourselves! :D

Anyway, holidays are coming! I'm going back to Kelantan on the 21st of March, and coming back to Subang Jaya on the 28th of March :) God bless ya'll!


Phoenix said...

Congrats dude. :)

Phoenix said...

Long time no see... What the hell happened?

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^^congrats.....have a wonderful day.....^^

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