Thursday, May 26, 2011


Ooh, so long never update liao.

So.. I finished my Matrix course in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan! Well.. My experience? It was awesome. Here goes.

Well the first day was miserable. The moment my parents left and said goodbye, I felt like "Ohhh this is it. I'm gonna be here for a year". For the first few weeks, it was like.. hell? Ok I don't really know how hell is, it must be horrible, but then, this was really horrible la. I cried the first week, calling my parents and my brother. Everyday I look forward to the weekends. On Fridays I'll go out, and come back on Sunday. By 7pm. Curfew. Cute right. Sien.

So the first month passed by quickly, and I would always feel emo/sad/alone. It wasn't nice at all, but well, it was a good experience! I went out simultaneously for weeks, to Subang Jaya (to meet up with Harvest Generation friends and G8 friends from Taylor's) and Tangkak (to stay in my aunt's house). Well that helped a lot lah, something to ease the pain in Matrix college.

So, every weekday no one can go out. It's all in the college. Attending lectures, having meals, buying groceries, EVERYTHING. Well it was kinda like an ulu town inside lah. Got 2 koperasis (can compare prices around), got a CC, got a photostat shop, got a clinic that's never open.

And then everything got better soon! We attended church every Sunday, we had CF meeting every Thursday night, we either leave for the weekend or go to Seremban or KFC together for a meal during the weekend. Syok. And soon, everybody started bonding, got very close. You know la, in places like this where.. We're the minority, we would know almost everyone around. It was like.. In G8! Taylor's is big no doubt, but you get super close with your classmates in G8.

And then everything got super awesome. And then time flew, super quickly, and then 1 year passed us by! *poof*

And so, we talked about what we learnt in Matrix college, what we liked most about it..

What I learnt in Matrix college was that human strength is never enough to overcome trials and tribulations. And I really thank God that He led me through the year, being there for me when I faced some serious annoying problems. And I AM glad I actually took the offer to enter Matrix. It's one of the most right decisions I've made in my life. It felt right.

What I like most about Matrix college is none other than the free electricity and water! Nah, actually it was the life there. Yeah, people who've  never been there think it sucks, like it's prison, that anyone who went in wouldn't survive a month. Well we've proved them wrong, and it rocked. Imagine having to spend all your time either alone or with your friends. No family, not much responsibilities- not to say it's something very nice, but it was indeed a good experience lah.

And.. Now it's all gone! :D Well, USM's interview came right after we finished our Matrix course, and then I went to Kuching with the CF group, and then KL, Penang. This Friday I'm going to Penang again for a church camp! Harvest Generation Subang + City Harvest Penang. Pastor Kong Hee will be the speaker for the camp :) It's gonna be awesome! Expecting things from God this time, I want to be closer to God~ Not to say only a church camp can help me achieve this, but then, it's a time where I'm away from distractions, and I can focus well :) Please let it be awesome God!

And so that's a short update from me! Take care guys :)

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