Friday, April 17, 2009

Dikir Barat~

I HATE SEJARAH I HATE SEJARAH. Ok don’t condemn me or ask ISA to catch me for disliking Sejarah or whatever lah. It really bores me. So much stuff to read, at least Moral has less stuff to memorise and the things are the same, like Alam Sekitar and my Moral teacher is cuter than my History teacher too.

LOL is the best medicine.
Ok a son who just graduated to be a doctor not long ago talked to his dad.

Son: Dad, I’ve just cured your patient who was sick for like, 15 years.
Dad: Oh, you mean Mr Tan?
Son: Yeah. I was wondering why weren’t you able to cure them.
Dad: So who do you think paid for your education?

Gahaha. If you don’t get it, the father 'mistreated' the patient to earn money for his son to study lor. Wooooo.

Now I’m addicted to this song :D. It’s the theme song of the movie ‘The Iron Lady’ 10pm, every Monday to Thursday on Ntv7.

The Iron Lady Theme Song

The lyrics are meaningful too!

Ok let me briefly describe the summary bah.

The father of the family had sex with the maid LOLL (seriously, but for a reason la). The mama asks him to do so ‘cause she can’t give birth anymore, and she doesn’t want her father’s business to fall into the hands of his brothers who are kinda useless.

So the maid gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl, Tian Yao and Lin Xi. The mama takes the boy and asks them (the maid and a new husband who is mentally retarded) to go far away and never ever tell anyone about this. The maid has to promise her so. Sad life.

So the movie is brought forward to 20 years like that. The business is of course excellent and Tian Yao is having a good life. Then Lin Xi happens to go to work in KL and she finds a job in Tian Yao’s company. They begin to go dating and eventually become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Then hor later the mama finds out that Lin Xi is the ex maid’s daughter. She wants to stop them from courting any longer because she doesn’t want Tian Yao to know about it and she can’t possibly let Tian Yao marry her own sister –_-.

So she siao and goes to find the maid mama. She accidentally kills another daughter of the maid and then the maid also dies with a heart attack. Tragedies.

So now Lin Xi doesn’t have anything to do with Tian Yao anymore. She also promises her mother that she will not tell Tian Yao the awful truth. This Monday Lin Xi is going to get a big trouble. Tian Yao’s super bad ‘sister’ is going to make her have sleeping pills and spread the pictures which some manager sleeps with Lin Xi. T___T.

Ok back with Dikir stuff.

One of our practices in school:

Here comes all the photos on our competition day.
Spot me.

Spot me.

Spot me.

Spot me.

Spot me.

Spot me.

Spot me.

Spot me.

Spot me.

Spot me.

Spot me.

Anyway look at our clothes. We paid for them you say? Nooo. Samantha designed them I suppose plus some of her friends.

See mine :D.

Also see Bethany’s and Chong Yaw’s. They were the lead singers so they had special ones, but their half love on their shirts are super funny! Hard like cardboard till they have difficulty sitting on the floor of the stage –_-. But funny lol.

Ok so we got the 2nd place. Woohoo 5k2 got the first place. Super unfair. With that kinda ‘club dance’ and shaking, I suppose you could enter Bakat Madness. It just seemed like ‘WHAT?’ to 5s2 and 5s1. We demand a rematch with 5k2!! I don’t have our video, it’s with Mr.Ng. Don’t dare to get from him ‘cause he charged my classmate Rm20 for putting virus in her pen-drive and causing Mr.Ng’s laptop to kena I guess.

But we were good. But you know who was better? We were better during our first match –_-. Everyone didn’t have any real spirit to go on the stage and woolala. Plus the mics are mad. But anyway, heard that the school wanted to give the Art classes a chance to win so that the next generations of Art classes will think that ‘Science classes always win’. But it’s like, what? Why couldn’t you make 5s2 the first and 5k2 the second? LOL. Ignoring 5s1 all the time. Well, Dikir Barat always causes things like this. But it’s over so let’s byebye Dikir.

Spot me. Oh this is super cute. From Mini Poppers wahahaa.

Anyway, you guys know a ‘Yong Tao Fu’ shop behind Muhibah at Jalan Hamzah? GO AND TRY! I got addicted to the food there and I don’t think they put drugs to addict people.

3 colours milk tea:


Dry sauce kuey teow? zz.

The fishboles fishballs and erm everything you have in our Chung Hwa ‘Yong Tao Fu’ can be found here, except that food here is super nice.

Ok let’s move on to the next post.

Proverbs 12:1
Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,

but he who hates correction is stupid.


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