Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Woo! 10th of August, it's dad's 29th birthday. heh. Celebrated at 11.30pm -__-.
Anyway, happy birthday dad! Love you lots! You're the best best best dad ever! (I mean it.)

Happy birthday to Popia Chong Light Bulb Ee Sheon too!

Coz in Kota Bharu, we had Reverend Roy Durman here in conjunction of the Healing Celebration (9th August - 10th August)
Don't play play, many people were actually healed!

There was a girl who was dumb, dumb as in cannot speak. She got healed and she now speaks.
There was a woman who had tumours in her breasts, and now she doesn't have it anymore! Yea, she felt it by herself (under a blanket of course).
There were people on wheelchairs, and after getting healed, they walked!
There were people who had cataracts and eye problems blah blah, and now they are gone!
Even my aunts and my uncle were there ~_~.

Oh well, it wasn't Reverend Roy Durman who did it, you know. Jesus Christ did it, for real. All witnesses here were amazed by God, seriously.

And many accepted Christ yesterday night and tonight. It was just so great to see people being healed and happy after that. =) God bless those people!

Anyway, I know it's been such a long time since I've updated, but ha-ha, this blog will be updated after SPM i think -___-. See ya!


Brian said...

There was a guy who was dumb as well. GUESS WHO HAHA

Wen Pink said...

Happy Birthday Dr Chong! hehehe!
good luck with ur exams, ivan didi! :)

iVan Chong said...

hmm, Brina? LOL.