Sunday, August 30, 2009


Wooh, it's Merdeka tomorrow =)
Well as everyone knows, our country will be celebrating its 52nd anniversary of Independence Day! Lalala it's holiday!

Happy Merdeka then!
Well, IMO, this, is the best 1Malaysia song (: I'm sure you'll love it.

Check out the song's lyrics (:

Satu Malaysia
Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan

Verse 1:
Oh indahnya 'pabila
Kita bersama
Kau, aku, kita semua
Tiada bezanya

No matter, whatever the challenge may be
We'll face it together, the stronger we'll be

Ondraga seinthu, endrendrum vazhvom santhosham neeranthaeram
(Together we come united as one, and live forever, our happiness is permanent)

Satu Bangsa
Satu Suara
Satu Nada
Satu Irama
Bersama kita capai semua
Satu Malaysia

Satu Bangsa - We're united in music
Satu Irama - United we stand
I feel the hearts of my people when we struggle everyday to be the best that we can
We share the food that we eat, we share the words that we speak,
I say what's up? You say, "Apa cerita?"
"You hungry bro? Jom makanlah!"

Verse 2:
We go up, never go down
We go up together

Wo men shi yi ge ma lai xi ya (我们是一个马来西亚) (We are one Malaysia)
Wo men yong yuan zai tong yi ge jia (我们永远在同一个家) (We are one family)

Together we are strong
Tuan jie yi qi bu fen bi ci (团结一起不分彼此) (Unity with one vision)

Together we are strong
Xiang qin xiang ai wan zhong yi xin (相亲相爱万众一心) (We love each other and we share a vision)

United we stay, forever and ever
That's the way it's gonna be

Repeat Chorus (x1)

Bridge Sketch:
Ean: Dude, JJ!
JJ: Yes Ean.
Ean: You know what part is this in the song?
JJ: Yes, it's the part where they go one key higher.
Ean: Okay, we'll be quiet now okay?
JJ: Yeah, 'coz we can't sing but everyone else, one key higher!

Repeat Chorus (x2)

Eh, dah habis? Saya nanyi bila?
Eh engkau dah tua dah.
Engkau dengan aku tak nanyi.
Tepuk tangan je.


HUIhui said...

Lol. Thanks for showing the video ivan. Happy Independence Day!!!! [shouting MERDEKA! X52] jz joking. hehe

aehknum said...

Ehhh I love this song! I mean, its one of the best Malaysian song so far. Haha.. Damn patriotic now.

iVan Chong said...

hahaha u're welcome huihui!!
mk: yea it's one of the best eh. seriously lol.