Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hi. So I'm currently in Taylor's, doing SAM (South Australian Matriculation, in case you've never heard of it). I know a lot of people get blur after SPM (don't worry I'll skip those boring parts), let me just tell you something.

SAM is awesome. It's cheaper and the program isn't a long as Cambridge A-Levels is! LOL on that. Oh and while getting down on adapting to the new environment, I found out that (sadly, but oh well) my classmates are not bad. Of course without the ice-breaking part done by our English teacher, there would've still been that iron wall between most of the people (especially me and the others yea). But you see, you just hafta focus on your studies and building relationships with people, and *boom* time will do the rest! So there isn't much to worry about, yes?

Oh and the food here is awesome. Totally awesome (compared to KB of course). There's a huge variety of food out there and if you do mind your spendings, there's always 'economy rice' and stuff like that around you. Don't try Snow Flake though unless you don't mind 'trying', as in trying stuff that isn't really good. And the cashier guy wanted to shortchange me you know! He didn't give me the card. So what's the card for? 5 chops - get anything below RM3.50 on the menu for free (I think it's RM3.50), 10 chops - get anything on the menu for free.

I'll try to keep my blog updated =X, as you see, when most of the people in your class blog, why shouldn't you? :D

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