Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Orientation Party!

So Taylor's College held an Orientation Party in the main campus today. It was fun!!! Except they aren't putting Chinese New Year songs that would definitely make everyone high in spirits.

Oh and they had a pizza-eating competition! After some pushing and convincing, Sean and Calvin finally went up on stage. Poor Calvin choke halfway and fainted and the ambulance came.

The fainting part is a joke LOL. Anyway Sean won the first prize!!! So our cheering and shouting were all very much worth it. Guess what he won? A buy-one-free-one card which is valid for take-away for a year! A YEAR. OMG. BUY ONE FREE ONE. And it's not Pizza Hut ok. It's Domino's Pizza! :D

And here comes the funner part. We heard about free Domino's pizzas and stationed ourselves in front of the pizza stand. Smart right?! And then when they announced we could already take them, everyone got mad. It was a havoc but oh well, we got 2 boxes! Amanda even got 3 boxes -__________- got the big plastic bag some more. So pro!

We all had the awesome pizzas for lunch. Yay! But Annabella had to attend a class representative's meeting so she missed everything. Woohoo! XD

Anyway I can't post any photos although I did take some, because the weak minded me forgot to bring the phone cable. *Smacks myself*


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