Wednesday, July 20, 2011


"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."

True, ain't it? :)

Some people say that friends made after high-school are.. closer than those made in high school. Well of course this issue is a different experience for different people. I say, make new ones, and keep the old.

I've been through so many 'goodbyes' that I think I've grown numb out of it. Yeah, high school came and passed.

And then Taylor's SAM- G8 class. Went there for 5 months, had one of the best times in my life, so far. And then went to Matrix for a year, and then goodbye.

So here I am now, at this point of life where I'm waiting for University to start. And I'm going to do Medicine! Oh I very excites teehee.

Have you ever thought, that life might be boring later on, say, when we're 30-50 years old? 'Cause as students, we undergo lots of changes, from different schools, courses, to friends. We gotta admit that change is what keeps our lives fresh, exciting. But then, I believe there's no such thing. More awesome things in life are to come yo. God has so much more in store for each and everyone of us :)

Ok back to friendship! So I went to KL for a week+ to meet my Taylor's buddies. We went to Malacca, which was awesome! (FOR PHOTOS CHECK OUT MY FB PAGE thanks!) We had so much fun that on the last day, each of us said 'goodbye' with heavy hearts..

And then we met up again at iCity at Shah Alam 3 days after that. And after that was the actual goodbye. Yes, goodbye. Farewell. But deep down in my heart, I know that I'm not afraid to say goodbye anymore, because I believe that one day, I'm gonna meet 'em friends again. I may not know the time, I may not know where. Of course the future is uncertain D: But still, I hold on to the belief that I'm gonna meet them, even if flying is what it takes :)
And, don't you think friendship is such a wonderful thing? Cheesy much! But if you've watched 'How I Met Your Mother', you'd just, smile at how people can be close-knitted, like family. And that's where trust comes in. In every relationship, there has to be mutual trust yeah. Of course, some people go through different kinds of bitch-dramas, eg. my friend stole my bf in high school blabla. But I say, every good relationship comes from a good start, where both parties give it all. Ok maybe not both at a time, but, no good relationship starts off with a party that's not willing to trust.

And I, for one, cannot understand divorce. Who would do that? The whole world -_-. Same goes to friendship, for me. I mean, what's the point of marrying if you're not ready to accept the flaws and problems in the future? Marrying means you take commitment, you love each other, you give it all, you forgive each other for every wrong, because your spouse is your special love.

Same goes to friendship for me. Cannot tolerate quarrels and all. I mean, come on. Instead of wasting your time bitching around gossiping, why don't we all build a friendly community of friends ^o^ Oh well. People are just.. people.

Ok anyway, point is, nobody knows whether this relationship will turn out good or not. You just gotta give it all. Don't let one act destroy your future relationships with other people. It's never worth it.

And I just wana thank God, that I've been so blessed by my friends. Whether they're from Kelantan, Taylor's, Matrix, church, they're all awesome people, and I'm so glad fate has made us meet, at the right time, at the right place :) I appreciate y'all very much yo!

And I've come out with a 'close friend' thing!

How do you know whether he/she is considered a close friend to you hm?
1. You love them enough to make sacrifices.
2. You don't have to hide anything from them.
3. You never feel awkward with them, even if there's a 1-minute silence.

It's a two-way thing!

God bless! :)


ZzlynlynzZmushroom said...

Love this post!! Aww~ for you.
And then, erm...there's one sentence that I love the most. Wait...Have to quote it first...=)


" I know that I'm not afraid to say goodbye anymore, because I believe that one day, I'm gonna meet 'em friends again. I may not know the time, I may not know where."

Oopps~ It's 2 sentences... Aha!! Bear with my long-sightedness >.<

So touched! =)


iVan Chong said...

:) Glad you like it po!

iVan Chong said...

And I'm gonna see you so soon! Yay! :)