Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Heroes Season 1

 Yo guys, so I've been watching Heroes lately. Just finished Season 1! And I must say it's quite interesting. Awesome lah actually. According to IMDb, it got 7.2/10. Check it out here.

Here's a pic:

I think the main reason I love this series so much is that it's.. about extraordinary abilities? OH HOW I WISH TO HAVE THEM 

But you & I know that's not possible 

Sigh, anyway! Yeah so this series is REALLY good I tell you. The plot, how events come after one another, how things are revealed and you go 'OOOOOOH SO THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED'. Well since I'm only done watching Season 1, let me give you a brief review :) (Yes, a brief one!)

First of all, what it's all about. The first season, known as "Genesis", begins as a seemingly ordinary group of people gradually becomes aware that they have special abilities. Events illustrate their reactions to these powers, and how the discovery affects their personal and professional lives. At the same time, several ordinary individuals are investigating the origins and extent of these abilities. Mohinder continues his late father's research into the biological source of the change, while Noah represents a secret organization known only as "The Company". While coping with these new abilities, each of the characters is drawn, willingly or unwillingly, into the Company's conspiracy to control superpowered people and into a race to stop an explosion from destroying New York City.

There, I copied it from Wikipedia. Season 1 is mainly about these people uniting to fight Sylar, an evil man, whose ability is stealing other people's abilities by killing them, and studying their brains. He apparently knows how people's brains 'tick', meaning he knows where to get the part of the brain where the special ability's information is stored! SCARY RIGHT O_O
Here's a pic teehee.

This is Claire Bennet, a cheerleader, whose superpower is 'rapid cellular regeneration', which is so awesome, Sylar tried to kill her (to acquire her ability in case you weren't paying attention hmph), but failed after Peter Petrelli stopped him! Hey who wouldn't want this ability? Imagine cutting your own toe off and your body grows a brand new one (She tried doing this in Season 2 O_O) You're just.. Unstoppable. Unless someone destroys your brain (that's my theory lah lol). So, basically she wants to save people since she can undergo any tough situations like fire explosion etc. And IMO her job is to avoid evil people like Sylar from stealing her ability for doing evil!

And yes I mentioned Peter Petrelli. Here's Peter and Sylar.

Well Peter is kinda like Sylar, not in the evil ways of course. Peter too, can have multiple abilities. But he doesn't have to kill them. When he's around this certain someone who has this certain ability, he acquires the ability. COOL RIGHT. So he got all of Sylar's abilities when he came into contact with Sylar LOLOL. 

In your face, Sylar! I'm so glad the creator of this show made Peter the good guy. He's a nurse btw. Then of course, it's just a movie.. So actually, Season 1 rotates around Sylar killing people, acquiring new abilities, and then the other people unite to pwn him and end all the evil once & for all. Oh not to forget one of my favourite heroes, Hiro Nakamura!

He bends time & space O_O This is the coolest of all abilities right?! No you're wrong. Peter has the coolest ability actually. Now if people knew about Peter's ability and just avoid coming into contact with him... AAAAAAAND HIRO IS JAPANESE. ASIAN. I ASIAN ALSO :D According to Wiki, he's actually a super intelligent person in real life. IQ 180 or something >_>

Also, here's Isaac Mendez, the painter who can paint the future! 

And when he paints the future, his eyes turn..


Ok joking. One thing I don't understand is, does EVERYTHING he sees come to past? For example the bomb detonation. Does he see the future in the event of certain conditions, meaning if these certain conditions where to be altered, the future will be different? And with Hiro Nakamura (+ Peter Petrelli) who can travel back & forth in time, things are just.. bizarre. Which is why I want to understand time travel one day. Gotta read up on this yo!

And so Season 1 had a happy ending! Not so happy for some people, but it all came to love. "When it all ends, all that matters is love" someone said in Heroes. Aww right!

Here's a family photo!

So, what I've learnt from this movie is that.. 

1. Everyone is born with different talents. What counts isn't really what you have, but how you use your God-given talents. Similar in life, there's no use admiring/drooling over what others have. Find out what you're best at, and go that path. Everyone's special, everyone has their own journey to walk yo. And, everyone can make a difference in their own ways.

2. In the end, all that matters is love. Hey, 1 Corinthians 13:13 says "Three things will last forever- faith, hope and love- but the greatest of these is love." Which is so true right! We were born of love, the reason we live is because of God's love, and we should definitely die lovingly.

3. Trust your parents. It's clearly depicted in this series that Noah Bennet loves his daughter so much, he even wanted to erase her memory to protect her. Aww. Yes sometimes we think what our parents do is totally against what we want, but yes, they do know better sometimes. And they would always love us unconditionally, so don't break their hearts by challenging that fact, instead appreciate it and listen to what they have to say! :)

4. Family is of paramount importance. Nathan Petrelli left everything behind when he knew Peter, his brother was in the hospital. Aww. We should really learn from this. Money can come again, but family won't.

5. Family isn't defined by blood, but by love. This may be a little hard to accept, but yes, Claire Bennet's loved by her father dearly, and she loves him a lot too. As for parents raising up adopted children, if you ever worry that the child may not appreciate your love & effort to give them your best, stop worrying, and give them your all because one day, they'll come to understand. On the other hand if you don't do so, you'll never stand a chance of being loved back.

So that's pretty much what I love about Heroes! Hope you love the review :)


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