Friday, September 2, 2011

On Entering University

Hehwo. So I'm just back from my trip to JB with my parents! Went to meet my bro, Joshua there :) Had lotsa fun, check out my photos here :)

Alright so I'm entering University on 6 September 2011. It'll be the first day of orientation, and I'm so glad my parents have agreed to accompany me there. Initially they were thinking of letting me go by myself -_- I was like, hey it's so near, accompany me lah since you're so proud & happy that I'm entering USMkk hmph.

I'm feeling kinda, excited?

But at the same time, I'm scared and maybe a little, paranoid? It's the kinda feeling where you don't know who to trust and mingle with. But then of course, like I've always thought, you gotta give it all, to get the best things in life. How do you know you can trust the others? You never know. You just gotta try.

The thing is, I don't know what to expect at Uni. Life there is gonna be so different, despite the fact that I've been living a stone's throw away from USM all these years. But then again, this is the fun part lah I guess. I hope there'll be lotsa activities!! Dad keeps saying I won't have time for other stuff but.. I don't care! I wanna join all of 'em singing/musical events :) I've got only 5 years for Uni, I'm gonna make it count!

Another thing is about the Internet there :( It's said that there's free WiFi there, but usually it's really really slow since so many people use it. Over these days during my holidays, I've been keeping in contact with y'all Taylor's friends on Whatsapp, and if that's taken away from me all of a sudden, I might need some time to get used to it :/ And Twitter & Facebook! Oh gosh.

During the JB trip I kept wondering how my life would be different if my parents chose to settle down in Penang, Ipoh or JB. (These are the more developed towns ma) And I could only come up with one consolation- my friends in Kelantan. Oh yes you're worth it. Of course then, everyone has a different path to walk in life, right? I'm thankful I've been raised this way lol. Love ma parents yo. 

Today I just wanna share this verse with y'all. 

NIV Genesis 50:20- You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Isn't it amazing how God works in our lives? He can turn the tables around. He promises us a good future if we choose to follow His ways. And I've always been wondering, how come I don't have those kinda serious breakthroughs some people have in life? Eg: fatal sickness, financial crisis, emotional breakdowns, which will lead me back to God, and I'll experience Him in wonderful ways. All I can say is, I wanna thank God for smooth sailing :) 

I is so very excites!!

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see u soon there =) yea hav more fun in uni life! ^^