Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dikir Barat!

LOL is the best medicine.

Ah Beng wanted to find out how long it will take to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo. So he calls up Malaysian Airlines and asked , “Sir, can you please tell me how long it takes to fly from KL to Tokyo ? The airline staff replied, “Just a minute”. Ah Beng replied, “Wow, that is fast. Thank you very much. ” and hangs up the phone.

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Before I start, let me tell something about my Hokkien.
My Hokkien is so poor it’s so farny.

So near my dad’s clinic there’s a hawker selling food. I wanted to ‘tapao’ so I was telling him:
English: Later I come and take.
’Hokkien’: Ka kin wa lai take.
Hokkien: Dang che e wa lai take.

My sister came and I was asking her what’s the correct sentence, and I ended up letting my sister tell that uncle ‘later he comes to take’.

And today’s case. Same uncle, same me, same sister.
So my sister ordered Tom Yam while I ordered Fried Bee Hoon. Hers came first and she wanted to exchange mine with hers ‘cause she said her Tom Yam was too spicy. Ok change.

When the hawker brought me my Fried Bee Hoon, He was asking:
English: Eh why? (Asking why I was eating Tom Yam)
Hokkien: Eh zho ha mi?

Then I was like:
English: Err, she can’t eat spicy.
’Hokkien’: Err, ee be sek lak.
Hokkien: Err, ee be chiak lak.

And now I’m still not sure is ‘lak’ the right word that means ‘spicy’ in Hokkien. Zzz. Better learn Hokkien nicely.

Ohohohoh, before our Dikir Barat practice today, some of us went to KB Mall for fun, as in to have dinner together and play. Some of us as in Yih Zhe, Hon Shou, Zi Jian, me, and later Ee Sheon and Chong Yaw and Shen Yeow.

Snooker is fun, but not for me.P1000969

It was so fun in McDonalds today.


We were crazy enough, to empty my bottle and refill our cups with Cola and then pour the Colas into my bottle. Yih Zhe’s brilliant idea.

Well that’s what people do what. My brother once said his friend brought his own bottle to get Cola from a McDonald that allowed us to refill Cola on our own. And then machine was kinda out of sight from the workers.

And so the fun begins:



Finally, a proper one. Yea yea, cut my hair and I become baby-like.

Zijian fish.

This pose made Zi Jian said ‘Yaw your pose so…’.

And this pose siao.

Group photo~

Toilet people back. It’s not Chong Yaw’s birthday!

And so we happily walked from KB Mall to Hon Shou’s house for our Dikir Barat practice! One day I’ll upload the video here, I couldn’t get it ‘cause I don’t have a nice pen drive –_-. (*hint* *hint* *birthday* *present*)

Everyone loves Hon Shou’s dog, ‘Ah Mei’! Though her eye ‘faeces’ is kinda smelly.. But still cute. Our dikir is like, so cute! Cuter than Ah Mei in fact. LOL.

I’m gonna go to Ipoh soon! Realllllllllll soon! And KL in June! Whee. Super excited to see popo.

Proverbs 29:18
Where there is no vision
the people are unrestrained
but happy is he who keeps the law

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your 'hokkien' really gao lat..
i think i'll pen fan if i'm with you that time..
hey..when are you going to Ipoh??
why are you following me?
im going there by tomorrow..erm.i mean today..haha..if i can meet you there,means tht we are know~

iVan Chong said...

woo sukwen!
ahaha. hope we'll meet in Jusco lo.