Wednesday, October 8, 2008

4 Science 2, my class.

I love my class. Well, everyone should know the ''class'' I state here is the people, not the name of my class or the place my class is located at.

1. We always LOL like mad in class. Although everyone has their own 'gang' in class, but when it comes to teamwork, everyone is just so cooperative. Lovely!

2. We 'erk' together. Yeah it might be stupid to some other people, but I think it has become a sign or 4S2. 'Erk' means to give a cold response to a cold joke, or when someone is syok-sendiri-ing. So fun when the targets are teachers.
Note: 'Erk' was founded by Foo Min Li.

3. All the teachers are good. Pn. Norizan is really cute when she gets mad. Miss Yeap laughs alone sometimes -_-. But she's still very good. ^^

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