Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm so shocked. Well actually I did kept on asking mum to give me a surprise for my birthday.
Like maybe wake me up at 3am and shout at me singing ''happy birthday!!!'' that kind of thing.

But well, I got a surprise from my best friend ^^.

YiLin: Eh Ivan, your house got people onot now?
Ivan: Er ya, why?
YiLin: Erm, my mum wants to talk to Vivien eh. Can ask her come out?
Ivan: Ok. VIVIEN !!!!!
(Vivien was asleep... But I screamed at her thinking maybe YiLin's mum (teacher) wants to scold her or something)
So after few minutes, I managed to ask Vivien out. Seeing Teacher and YiLin standing outside with their car...
Teacher: Eh nvm liao la. Ivan oso can.
YiLin: Ok. (takes a box and gives it to me)

*Nevermind the toothpaste gift (car)*
Edited: Only a joke yah, not a toothpaste gift for real.
Happy birthday!

^^. NOW THAT is a surprise!!! I never expect a friend whom I think she thinks that we're not close to give me a present!

Yi Lin, thanks alot! You brighten up my life ^^.


Damn sexy la this lady. Went to see my mum's bank's (Public Bank) dinner. The theme was 'glitter and glamour'. If you see properly, that blue guy with blue songkok has two MALAYSIA flags on his songkok. Super cute!

Cute clown:

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