Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hubba hubba Yeah~!

28.10.2008. It's TUESDAY.
Saw a super big plastic bag that Bethany brought to school. And guess what I saw when I came back from a tiring duty day. Cute bear staring at the wall.

It's a present! A bag! A BILL-A-BONG bag! A nice bag! A wonderful bag!

A belated happy birthday present from Bethany, Yi Lin, Min Li, Khang Chuan and Chiy Hin.
It is written there BELOVED FRIEND. Yes i feel loved ^^.

WARNING: THE YELLOW CARDS CAN CAUSE YOU TO SEE ILLUSIONS. It is as though they are moving. There isn't any ghost. Just illusions.

Thanks to all my friends who wished me yeah. I treasure all presents given, and more of that, I treasure all of you ^^.

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