Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It is a happy day!

So went to KBMALL after church music practice today. Begged mum like crazy only then she agreed to accompany us to McDonalds. Guess what we bought :

Mc Shaker Fries!!! Anyway thank God i read Irin's blog, saying that she got conned and there were no shaking shaker powder in her packet of french fries. I checked for it and was like ''walao, really don't have la''. And so I went to get that 'hot n spicy' powder. So nice.

Mother and Son team featuring McShaker Fries!

And so lalala, went home and guess what we saw:

Jocky escaped from his cage -_-. Don't know how did he come out, but I know he's so cute!

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