Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tanglungs Candles, again.

Yeah, we went to play again. Guo Jing, Yi Lin, Yee Ping, Vivien and me. So syok la. I know I'll never get to have fun like this anymore. Well, we only played with tanglungs played with tanglungs and of course, the Mafia game. Haha. Very stupid la, 1 mafia, 1 doctor, 1 spy, 1 citizen and 1 narrator. But still we had lots of fun.

Was soo tempted to do this :
Narrator : mafia, who do u want to kill?
Mafia : *points at narrator*
Narrator : ......
Mafia : *Laughs insanely* and everyone else knows that he is the mafia LOL.


Act elegant Yi Lin and me.

The Moon was so blur. Covered.

I'm starting to love candles. So cute right?

*fart candles*

Not my hand.

Super 5?




Everything was so perfect.

Beautiful wax.

Babies? O_o.

The colour was soo perfect!

Most beautiful pic I've ever taken in basketball court (wahahah). Last breath of a candle. *sniff*.

And everything ended up like this... Soft solids. Diao in playground, but we did tidy up the place ^^.

Ah, Mooncake festivals are time of gathering for friends. I really look forward to next year's. Don't know whether can have fun like this or not. Appreciating it ^^.

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