Monday, September 22, 2008


For those who don't like dogs, scram~. This post is mainly for my bro to see lolz.
Played like crazy with Jocky (dog) today. Ran like mad, chased like mad, pet him like mad.
Got him since I was like, 13? So he's probably 4 now. I remember that last time we used to feed him with rice a grain by a grain. So cute !


Cute drinking.

Cuter drinking.


Running away from me haha.

He loves to play in drains. Run there and run back -__-.

Ambush Shot.

Ambush shot.

So cute. Trapped.

How fat could a dog get?

He seriously needs Pantene Anti-Hairfall.

Caught ya'!

I feel like looking at an eyeless monster. Best lah.

Refuses to wear the ribbon T.T

He ruins all my maid's plants, but well.. He needs some fun right? XD.

Poor maid.

We all love him :D. Miss those times where WE ALL play chase chase with him lol.

Mushroom invasion!

Cute row of miniature plants ^^.

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