Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Way of Relieving Stress.

Today went to some grocery shop after school because Mdm Tan was like, going to bank. So spin eggs played the ''luck machine'' or whatever you name it, I got THIS thing :

Not a tape worm lah.

Yeah, it consists of this, and :


The machine even states how do you play with this thing -_-.

Kakak being happy ^^.

Sad thing is, Vivien's comes with a ring to put your finger in. Mine doesn't have it.

Buying this 20-cents thing makes me feel like I MISS CHILD LIFE SO MUCH.
Remember last time the first time I had constipation LOL.
Wanted to go out and play with brother and cousin at first (buy this eggy thing), but was too pain to move. So dad cucuk my punggung with what-what solution, which makes the faeces go soft so that I can push it out XD.

Gel boles balls. Used for planting!

I miss you bro, I miss the times we get to play a-chi-chuk (chasing) around the whole house with you with all of us siblings.

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