Monday, September 22, 2008

Malay Teachers and Their Life in School.

So it was Bahasa Melayu period, and as usual, only one-fourth of the class listens to the teacher speaking, while the other good not-so-kind ones just chat around.

Teacher:Eh apa benda bising sangat ni!?
Students: *Stop for 5 seconds* blah blah blah...

So i went around searching for fun, and came to Min Ly and Chong Yaw's gang.
Chat chat, and teacher was coming.

Ivan: Eh apa benda bising sangat niii?
*Nobody cares*
Teacher: Eh, apa benda bising sangat ni!? Bercakap reti, buat kerja tak reti!

So the whole gang laughed like mad LOL. Some went red on their faces.

Pn. Norizan is so cute ^^, but she didn't notice that I took her line. God bless Pn. Norizan!

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