Monday, September 29, 2008

Life In Kota Bharu.

Yesterday : Candle

My Life : tissues?

Super bored. Wonder what would Miss Yeap think when I write :

Today : Took a bus to attend Emily's birthday party. First time on KB bus.

Companions Escorts :

Super stupid scene @ outside Bilal. BAD BAD BAD traffic.

♫Cuti-cuti Malaysia.♫

Crappy seats.

Ugly air-conditioner.

Rats-might-come-out ceilings.

Lions Club : Down Syndrome Centre. Uhh..

Yeah, that's all about buses in KB.

When we first arrived the condominium in Billion,

first paragraph has wrong grammar.


*Empty Your Mind*.

Emily and me.

So conclusion, it was a fun experience. Anyway I got letter from AFS to go to italy XD.

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