Friday, February 6, 2009


LOL is the best medicine.
Oh goodness. I was searching for 'why do cats hate mirrors' in and I saw this site. Madness. I show you what they say.

1. Cats are soft and sometimes cuddly.
2. …hmmm…. let me get back to this list later.

1. Cats sometimes randomly crap in strange locations.
2. Cats constantly shed.
3. Cats sometimes randomly pee in strange locations.
4. Cats sometimes cough up hairballs.
5. Cats sometimes throw up.
6. Cats scratch things.
7. Cats get into and on top of everything.
8. Cats do not listen to you.
9. Cats scatter litter everwhere.
10. Cats ruin blinds and rub snot all over house windows.
11. Cats knock things off counters.
12. Most the time cats are independent and non-cuddly.
13. Cats meow.
14. Cats sometimes sneeze snot all over things.
15. Cats wake you up begging for food way to early in the morning.
16. Cats attack each other making a terrible scream that wakes you up with a semi-cardiac arrest.
17. Cats constantly sleep.

Very true indeed. And then a lot of people discussing.

This doesn’t apply for ALL cats, just the majority of them:
Cats are friendly
They are playful, especially with catnip
They are so cute, no they’re not ugly at all
They use a litter box instead of going everywhere in the yard. Just use a glove and scoop in in the trash. Plus it’s easier because it’s all together.
They are easy to take care of.
They may scratch furniture, but if you don’t want that then just get a scratching post or something.
They can’t kill you…whoever thinks they attack you and kill you seriously has gone wack. They’re too smallkill you anyways
They aren’t noisy and if you want to just sit at a couch they can sit their with you without bothering you.
there’s a lot of reasons.
Don’t discriminate me.

And then the situation goes hot.

''fuck cats they should fucking go to fucking hell!!!!!!!!!!!''
''i fucking hate cats. If I had a gun and I saw a cat, I would shoot the fucking hell out of it! Anybody that hates dogs should go to fucking hell!''
''I hate cats, ppl think they so lovely but when u see what they do to small animals u may see that cats are just monsters from hell.''

Vulgars all the way, but in the end the winner is:
''Lord forgive them, for they know not what they do…''


Ok, so tomorrow is my last day being in Trento, sorry I mean last day of school here. I will still be in Trento on Saturday morning, and then I'll go to Rome and meet with the other Malaysian exchange students. 27 of them. Sigh, from Rome-Dubai, WAIT FOR 4HOURS, Dubai-KL, WAIT FOR 4HOURS and last but not least KL-KB.

I'm feeling happy and sad at the same time, again.
Happy 'cause all of this is coming to an end, and I can continue my life back in KB. I must study back there and I have my family and friends. What more can I ask?
Sad 'cause stress is coming. I'm always stress-free (well, kinda) and I doubt this time I would stay stress-free minded. Hooh.

Goodbye, snow.

Goodbye, 3.5cm hair. (Yea I measured them)

Goodbye, room with lots of photos.

Goodbye, winter jacket.

Goodbye, toilet and bathroom.

Goodbye, apartment. I'll never forget the memories I've had here for 2 months.

Goodbye, cupboard with ugly pics.

Goodbye, little fan.

Goodbye, Italian refrigerator.

Goodbye, huge tree.

Goodbye, Fiona.

Fiona has :3 face! Ignore my eyes, I know they seem wrong in sizes here.

So many things to bid farewell to, so many things undone.. LOL I sound like it's the end of my life, just like what my blonde classmate have been saying, ''iVan, your life will end on xday!''...

Sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh. And I haven't get to go to the supermarket yet. Maybe tomorrow. I mean I must go tomorrow.

Even my classmates constantly remind me, saying stuff like:
'iVan, this is your last Thursday here.'
'iVan, this is your last gym class.'
'iVan, this is your last mathematics class.'
'iVan, *sniff*' but this blonde was faking -_-.

And Fiona meows like a meowing meower wailing wailer. As though she knows that I'm leaving soon. :'(

I really don't wanna leave Italy, sob. No matter how funny a place I'm placed in instead of being placed in Rome/Milan/Venice (like everyone has been saying), I still miss the people. Sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh.

Mourn with me, people! Oh, and all the best to form3, form5 and upper6 people! May you all get flying colours (-_-) for the exam.

Proverbs 23:12
Commit yourself to instruction;
listen carefully to words of knowledge.

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