Wednesday, February 18, 2009


LOL is the best medicine.
Ok that day I was on duty (prefect –_-). And then it was Sukantara day, where we have sports like running jumping and throwing LOL. And then everyone wore our house t-shirts according to our house colour, including the pekadises and prefects. And then..
iVan: Eh, go stand properly please. (Sheesh, why this short boy stand so behind one!?)
Small boy: (Holds my shoulder) I’m a pekadis.

Well, a pekadis is a ‘junior prefect’, and yeah. Sipe paiseh lor LOL.

Ah, that day went to a wedding dinner. Sipe siao lor. Ok, so a 4-year-old girl went up on the stage and sang songs, very geng, but she sang songs like ‘ni3 dao4 di3 ai4 shui2?' (who do you love?), ‘ba3 wo3 de4 ai4 qing2 huan2 gei3 wo3’ (give me my love back) and my uncle sang ‘pussycat’ LOL. Very cute zz.

Brace yourselves, for THIS:


LOOOOL. The mama-teohs.

I WANT HAIR. But I don’t want fat lips gahahaha.

Fish in my wine.
Joshua lar. Accidentally dropped a piece of fish flesh into my glass. Zzzz.

And cut Yumi’s front hair recently, ‘cause she has difficulty seeing things with her furry fur. Kelian. Had to grab her mouth with force and she cried.


That day eat crab lor.
Vivien was like so cute hor, she asked ‘why poke there eh?’.

And then went to Billion that night to buy a bag for Joshua. He refuses to use the one in Bilal and pasar malam wor. Sipe debe.

Suddenly Joshua held my shoulders and then started saying ‘huo3 he1 huo3 che1 tu tu tu’ –___-.

SUPER KAWAII >_>. I got XD face LOL.

And KFC Kubang Kerian has this now:

French Fries with what-what-cheese and mayonaise. Nothing special though.

Sien lar. Can’t update blog everyday, sing there and stare and the wall and chat with mama everyday. But a lot of things changed. Luckily I can adapt to the SUPER HOT WEATHER in Malaysia. Feeling hot makes me sleepy, in class.

Rushed all sorts of homework (not really LOL) like Malay and English, and I’m starting to catch up with the 3 Sciences and Mathematics now. But sometimes I talk too much, until the teacher says ‘hello, listen please’, and then I was like, ‘err, hello? LOL.’

Wooh, till next post then.

Proverbs 16:3
Commit your actions to the Lord,
and your plans will succeed.

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