Monday, February 2, 2009

Maximum Safety.

LOL is the best medicine.
Classmate: Sigh, you know what iVan, we expected a nicer person, but you turned up like this...
iVan: Well, why do you think I'm placed in this class!?
Classmate: LOL!

Current feeling: ZOMG uploading pics at night takes 5 seconds only!

Mummy is obsessed with my blog. She checks my blog everyday and she's always asking 'what to blog next?' mmm. Thank you supportive mama. And she took a pic of a cute baby she found while helping my dad out in his clinic just now.

Miao Shou Hui Chun ah!!!! (It means 'the wonder hand heals' in Chinese LOL.)

And Yumi is still cute as usual.


A dog biting a dog is cute but Minyi said the dead elephant (an elephant soft toy) is much cuter. Hmm.

*itchy* *sien*

*lemme in!!*



You know how hard it is when parents have to bring 4 children out, especially when there are only 3 seatbelts at the back seat, so one will have to risk his/her life.

Well, what happens when it's the opposite? When you have a child only and he's/she's super precious. MUST CONFIRM 100% SAFE HOR.

HAHAHA. He's happy >_>.

Heard this little cousin refused to put on seatbelts, then Joshua and Vivien decided to give him double / triple quadruple doses.

...'Cause he's so important..

He's the tailou of the lion dance group!

Minyi and I are obsessed with Twilight. She's done reading all the 4 books, and I'm currently on the 4th book now. Stephenie Meyer even have the 5th book published. Awesomeness.

Oh and in case you don't know, she's HengYan's niece, therefore my cousin's niece. Some people ought to respect me liao! hahah.

Minyi wrote:
Edward & Bella,
Jasper & Alice,
I still can't stop thinking of TWILIGHT!
I wish im involved in the story LOL! =X

All of them are so cute lar!
But.. ALICE ROX THE MOST!! Gosh she's so cute. Can't wait to watch the movie of vampires and werewolves! Gahahha.

The Cullens. (vampire family)
From left: Emmett Rosalie Esme Edward Carlisle Alice Jasper.
Hope I got them right.

And I wish that I'm involved in the story too LOL. So syok la. Run here run there, eat the humans and crush their pelvises (from Futurama >_>) rawrrrr, and drink blood like Ribena.

When I return, it will be exam week. Sheesh.

Proverbs 30:17
The eye that mocks a father
and despises a mother's instructions
will be plucked out by ravens of the valley
and eaten by vultures.


Florence said...

Is it just me or does the toy dog looks like Jocky?

Eh I can't use ur chat box la, can't even see it; just have 'internet explorer cannot display bla bla bla' at the kotak where its supposed to be~~~


iVan Chong said...

yeah, sometimes it's lke that T_T

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