Wednesday, February 4, 2009


LOL is the best medicine.
Unknown: Prove that you are a twilight addict.
iVan: I err... I tasted my own blood on Sunday when I peeled my right hand.. LOL.
Ok anyway, I forgot to put this food on my what-I-wanna-eat-when-I-go-back list. Chicken Chop near Pantai Timur!! Woohohoo.

Today I played volleyball, as usual during Gym Class. Gosh, the first ball I hit I already hurt myself. Well to make it easy, just imagine a basketball flying towards you and you do the 'stop' hand sign.


I did NOT purposely do that lar, but I just accidentally hit the ball like that using my right hand and I knelt down and cried for something so beautiful. I went ''Owww!!!''.

If you compare my left wrist and right wrist...

Left wrist:

Can see bones LOL.

Right hand:

Gosh, some more got that scar!

That scar is the scar of the too-thick skin I peeled LOL. Anyway you can see la, my right wrist is like so fat already, more meat, more fake muscles there.

Just noe my host mum was like 'Aiiiiyooo' 'cause she though that scar is what the volleyball left on my skin -_-. Phew.

And then the teacher took this out:

Not Kool Kids brand la, but the same stuff anyway.
She punched the pack and then shake shake shake and then she gave the thing to me, and it's cold! Magic magic.

Now I feel like I'm left-handed. When I slightly turn my right hand in a certain position, it hurts. Not prickly pain, but whole thing pain, like when you fall down on your butt during ice skating.

It feels awkward to be able to control one hand freely only. Right hand is like, totally useless, can carry things but cannot lift things up.

Anyway I feel somehow happy.

Who knows, maybe I might turn into a vampire? Like the ball hit my vampire vein and tomorrow when I wake up, I will have lightning speed, golliath's strength, extraordinary beauty (got already though, LOL just joking) and everything a man shouldn't have. Mm, I can dream on and on.

Anyway this makes me remember something.

You guys know when you're a kid you always like to put your hand into your shirt hole, like this:

That's not a man breast. My long johns is stuffed inside. And that's not my nipple -_-.

Yea, and Chung Hwa Secondary School has a teacher who is single-handed, Mr Chua Ken Hwa. Don't really know what happened to him, but I think some accident happened (duh).

And my mum told me last time, that when we were jogging...

iVan: *looks at Mr. Chua jogging* Mummy mummy, why he put his hand into his shirt wor? (loud enough for Mr. Chua to hear)
Mum: ..........

LOL. And now I still face him everyday in school, no problems. Phew.

Recently I'm drawing this everyday:

Everyone said it's pokemon -_-. Well maybe it is, but I find it so cute. Just like the pokemon Gengar >_>.


Ah, and that day..
Host bro: Anyway, do you know that Trento (the place I live in now) is the safest part of Italy, and Trento has the best transportations?
iVan: Er why? Because the people are too hideous to be er, raped?
Host bro: .....

We were abit drunk that time LOL, 'cause came back from a party.

Ah, few days to go to smell Yumi's ass. I was thinking of buying 30 packets of Gianduiotti chocolate (each pack has 21 pieces) and I just told my classmates about it, and they said even the supermarket doesn't put so many packets on sale -_-. Gosh, the worst thing that could ever happen to a person who goes overseas is that he doesn't have any gifts to give to his friends, relatives, church families, teachers etc.

You can easily offend people by joking, but when you don't give people gifts (that is, not doing anything) you offend people till the rest of their lives. Agree?

Proverbs 27:6
Wounds from a sincere friend
are better than many kisses from an enemy.
Heheeh, beware!


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