Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's too hot in Malaysia!

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Ok so I'm back in Malaysia :D. I AM SO HAPPY LOL. But Malaysia is so hot. Gah, didn't imagine that it could be THIS hot. Hot hot hot. Caldo caldo!

That day watched Camp Rock and High School Musical 2 & 3 (again) on the airplane. Ah, Emirates Airlines rock! So nice.

Ride on Emirates and get the sunrise sceneries!

I have a cousin staying with me now, which means I'm not in comfort. Not to say I dislike him, but well, I can't get along very well with him. Hope my laptop doesn't burn anyway.

My parents and brother were there the day I arrived. Hugged mama and then went home. Wooh, and last two days went to tuition, everyone was like 'Eh iVan!!' 'OMG iVan!!', so I managed to hide my date of return quite well then :D. *Happy*

And then we had pizza at Pizza Hut -_-.

Sigh, no more Italian pizzas.

Hahah, and that day in Rome de Hotel Princess (-_-), we had our 'orientation'. Gave feedback and stuff and stil played games. At first they asked us to hold a fake rabbit on both our hands. And then the committee asked us to say what part we would like to kiss on the rabbit. Got answers like 'lips', 'head', 'forehead', 'leg' and 'everywhere' and even 'on top of ass'.


Hahaha, they asked us to kiss the person on our left, based on what part we said we wanna kiss the invisible rabbit. Gg.
I kena people kiss my knees -_-.
And I kissed a boy's nose LOL.

Waiter: What happened? Is this Cola?
Friend: Erm, just plain water.
iVan: *thinks*: Another part got Cola leh, phew. Zzz.

Yumi Yumi!


Eat you!
Yumi: ... 26 pics to go..

And I just got a present/souvenir from Joshua.

Feet skin! LOLL.

Sigh, homework incoming.
Proverbs 10:12
Hatred stirs up disputes,
but love covers all offenses.

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Phoenix said...

Great blog. Lolz at that blonde joke. :D